Pay it forward race Dec 31 209 Rc Raceway

 Created by: MR HORSE
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Dec-31-2016 05:20PM sipaboy  
Dec-25-2016 09:19PM MR HORSE  
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 Posted: Dec-31-2016 05:20PM
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Thanks for the free race



I'm not the best driver out there.  But I'm still having fun 

Peterbuilt Jr. Raceway San Jose

Chef Dave's track  Vallejo  

RC City Milpitas

Hobby Haven Livermore 

Norcal Hobbies Union City 

 Posted: Dec-25-2016 09:19PM
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So anyone that has a receipt from NorCal hobbies , P1 hobbies , Amain hobbies from the month of November, December totaling 150$ gets to race free . Thank you to anyone who supported the local hobbie shops .