Ripon speedway $10 practice day

 Created by: rcaddict13
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 Posted: Mar-01-2017 04:04PM
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Dam'n i'll be in fremont running the Pro10... Have fun guys!

 Posted: Mar-01-2017 02:07PM
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Weather 64 degrees and overcast. Should be nice. 

 Posted: Feb-28-2017 03:26PM
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I will try and make it down.


Just a slow retired cop hating on everyone in his way.

 Posted: Feb-28-2017 02:14PM
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This Saturday will be practice day !!! Gates open at 8am and it will be  $10 to practice all day. Timing and scoring will be up so change your carpet set up to asphault and come on out and test before the next cts race in 2 weeks !!!

ripon r/c raceway >< top sabre s4 >< 10r5.1 >< xray t4 17 >