Inside Line Racing Mini-Z Indoor Racing Tuesday & Saturday Nights

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 Posted: Sep-22-2017 09:40AM
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 Do you guys run the GL racing mini tc cars also?

 Posted: Sep-03-2017 03:51AM
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We had a fun day of racing yesterday.

 Posted: Aug-25-2017 01:31PM
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Inside Line Racing's new location is 95 Phelan Ave. #4 San Jose, CA 95112 (Towards the back of the lot)  We compete twice a week, every Tuesday 7pm-9pm and Saturday 5pm-8pm (except when stated). We offer 6 classes: Novice, Super Stock, Sportsman, Expert, Mini 90mm, and Pan car. If you don't own a Mini-Z and would like to test one out, we are offering FREE racing for first timers. We also have Stock and Modified Race Ready Rentals for you to use. Please call 408-297-4050 for availability.  Check out our website for additional information at www.insidelineracing.com 
We are also on Facebook and Instagram. 

Track is available for practice when we are not hosting an event. 
Mon & Tue 12-8pm
Wed & Thurs Closed
Fri & Sat 12-8pm
Sun 12-6pm

See you at the track!

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