FS: Kyosho RB5 SP2 WC w/ Maclan motor / Protek servo

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still available 

 Posted: May-07-2018 10:38AM
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I have for sale a used Kyosho RB5 SP2 WC World's edition that is in great condition. The chassis is still in good shape and it comes with tons of spare parts and some updates such as a carbon fiber battery strap and carbon fiber t-plates to replace the stock plastic ones. All parts, motor, servo, tires/wheels and the parts box in the pictures are included except for the Sanwa receiver. If you need a Sanwa receiver though I am willing to make a deal on it as well. It does come with one yellow painted practice body and I do have at least one brand new Kyosho body to go with it. Will get pics of those bodies later today.

Motor: Maclan team edition 17.5, very low use never run hot
Servo: Protek 100ss, also very low use. Less than 5 battery packs.

parts in box:
Front shock towers
Front and rear arms
front C-hubs and steering blocks
rear hubs
spare top shaft
Assorted spur gears
Two complete gear diff kits with out drives
two CVD shafts and axles
front and rear, inner and outer hingepins
Set of 175RC pinion gears
Hingepin bushings
Steering parts
ABCD blocks

PRICE: $135 OBO shipped in the US48 or $120 picked up in the Bay Area, Ca. Rear end will be partially disassembled for shipping (all necessary parts will be included!).