OT: James Arluck on Discovery Channel

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 Posted: Jun-11-2018 11:52AM
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Yeah unfortunately they had a intermittent connection problem with the power to the receiver. The bot is fine other than that. This is still the qualification round so they will fight again!  All bots fight 4 times from what I understand so Yeti isn't done yet! This is the 2nd year we've been working with YETI and we're stoked to be a part of it!

 Posted: Jun-10-2018 10:14PM
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Last team he was on had a bot that was odd! Didn’t last long. Also joe from P1 hobbies made the stickers for Yeti when it started the last time the show was on. 

 Posted: Jun-09-2018 07:30AM
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For you that remember James back in the day. Saw him last night on Discovery Channel doing the BattleBot thing on the Yeti team. I could tell you that it was a pretty short fight. I was rooting for you too!