New ABC Genetic + killer painted body

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Hey all,

Got a great deal for any of you mini lovers out here.  I hate to let it go but trying to thin down so my loss, your gain.  My 4wd ABC Genetic is up for grabs and is brand new and almost ready to race.  Add battery and receiver and race!!

What it has:
  • Concourse-level paint job on Swift body.  It is 100% paint and no stickers.  The plastic covering is still on body so when you peel it off it will look 3x as nice.
  • Airtronics servo (94357) fast
  • Aluminum shocks
  • Full spring set
  • Cirtix brushless ESC
  • Cirtix Ultra V2 Sportsman 17.5 motor
  • Tamiya aluminum servo mounts
Spektrum Mini receiver shown in pic not included.  If needed, make offer.

Asking $200obo

Also *available separately*, a super sweet concourse painted 1969 Datsun Sunny pickup body painted like Rickey Carmichael's #4 NASCAR "Monster Energy" race truck he drove a few years ago.  Make me an offer.

EDIT: The contingency clusters behind fenders and the headlights are the only stickers.  The rest of this is 100% lexan paint on the inside!!!  That means even if you race it long, as long as you don't crack up the body, it will look that nice for a long time with a quick clean up with denatured alcohol.