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 Vintage MRX2 and two MTX3 rollers.

 Created by: AHill
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 Posted: Mar-20-2019 12:49AM
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I have an MUGEN 1/8th scale onroad MRX2 with 9port Novamega turbo (4 races on motor) and mugen ninja 2053 pipe. I raced it at RAMS back in the early 2000S and have made most 1/8 scale expert A-Mains I ran. I made the A main at The Pico race in Las Vegas with this car. The two times I went to  Crystal park casino in Compton , this car finished 5th and 3rd, with over 50 cars in expert 1/8th scale. Went over and modified by Mike Swagger in those times. Car was really easy to drive. Lots of extra parts. $200 

Also two vintage mugen MtX3 1/10 sadans. One has M12 Novamega .12 engine that has maybe 1/2 gallon of 25% run in it. Comes with 2nd parts car and a ton of parts. $100 for all. Made and won several expert nitro races with these cars. Won the nitro expert A main at Castle Hobbies,  Capitola Hobbies and Delta hobbies the first three times I drove this MTX3. $100 for all. Have instruction books for all three . One is the MTX3 Prospect.

Looking for 1/10 competitive 2 or 4wd buggy with servo speed control motor and batteries, ready to race minus radio, reciver and transponder. I can trade all this or what is on my last post. Thank you. Aaron. I can pay cash and trade if you want also. I just want to race without paying too much.
I have a charger and 2 and 3s batteries, and but they are for my vintage LOSI XXT GEAPHITE truck. I put a 13.5 turn motor in it. But don’t really want to race a classic.

can post photos via text. I can’t post them on here for some reason