FG 1/5 F1 competition

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I'm selling my FG 1/5 F1 Competition (gear drive version)
This is a quick car that's set up well for Warm Springs Raceway. It won the 2018 RAMS 1/5 series for the F1 class. This car has basically all the upgrades available from FG and is set up to be very quick out of the box. Just add your receiver and go.
What's included:
Zenoah 23cc Engine (stock)
Samba tuned pipe (dented but works just fine)
Hydraulic brakes (the front brakes will need a rebuild and spare parts, I run without front brakes)
CNC aluminum lower arms (front and rear)
One season old Savox SC-1268SG Black Edition High Torque Steel Gear Servo (High Voltage) x 2
Painted one Brawn GP body, one Williams HP-livery body
3 sets of GRP tires (from super soft to medium)
KillBee engine kill switch
Large bag of spare parts

Asking $1375 

510 six three four nine one zero seven