2019 Xray T4 New Condition $600

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2019 Xray T4. I only raced it one time with the carbon chassis. Other than that, I just kept on buying hop ups and never raced it since. I don't know if I list everything but if you know about the T4, then you probably will notice the parts. New parts include are: aluminum chassis, Bruno servo, all Xray brass parts plus 7075 it brass parts, Hudy servo arm and battery stopper, DJC front and rear, titanium ball ends, white belts, orange center gears, orange universal blades, aluminum diff gear bearing holders, three different Xray top decks, Hiro screw set. Will come with the box and manual. Rear gear diff has stock weight that came with the kit. Shocks have 37.5 weight. Front progressive springs by Xray. Rear springs are kit stock.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Not in a hurry to sell. All offers will be ignored. $600 shipped within the lower 48 States. Paypal. Will ship either FedEx Home or USPS Priority with tracking.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------https://www.rctech.net/forum/r-c-items-sale-trade/1045921-2019-xray-t4-new-condition-%24800.html#post15473717