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 CenCal Challenge 4 - Oct 11-13 Fresno CA

 Created by: RyanGeorge
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 Posted: Apr-27-2020 11:15AM
 Edited:  May-11-2020 05:35AM
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not an expert as i'm an easy recipes chef who's just having rc racing as a hobby. but, as much as i can guess, this october won't do it? or there are still any chances?

 Posted: Sep-27-2019 09:05AM
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Attention Racers:
This is your 1 week reminder that CenCal entries close next Friday Oct 4th at the end of the day. If you haven't signed up yet now's the time.
Hope to see you all there. It's gonna be a great weekend.
That's it for now. See you at the track.

Ryan George
 Posted: Sep-16-2019 08:29PM
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Good evening Racers:
With CenCal just under a month away and signups closing in 18 days there are still some open spots available in most classes.
Mod - 9 remaining
17.5 - 10 remaining
USGT - 7 remaining
VTA - 7 remaining
Nitro - 5 remaining
Euro Truck - 6 remaining
F1 25.5 - SOLD OUT
If you haven't yet signed up it isn't too late, but don't wait too long. Remember, once a class is full that's it. We say it every year, and someone always ends up being that person who waits too long and doesn't get their first choice on a class. Don't let that be you this year. ??
That's all for now. See you guys at the track.

Ryan George
 Posted: Sep-08-2019 11:18AM
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Attention Racers:We finally got our renderings back from our shirt guy and boy do they look great. I've attached a few samples of the art work for you guys to check out. If anybody would like to add a shirt to their registration hit me up and let me help you get setup. These are by far the best looking shirts we've ever produced. Check it out...


Ryan George
 Posted: Sep-03-2019 06:07PM
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Good evening Racers:
Well we have just under a month to go until signups close for this years CenCal Challenge. If you are thinking about making this race don't let the opportunity pass you by. We are currently over 1/2 way to capacity with more signups coming in each day. Remember once a class is full that is it, so if you have a class you want to run make sure you get in before all the spots are taken.

For those that have already signed up, thank you. It's going to be another fantastic event this year and we can't wait to see you all again. Please be sure to check the lists below and make sure you are in the classes you want. If there are any changes that need to be made please email us a hobbytownfresno.raceway at gmail.com

MOD Sedan:
1 peter catelli
2 scot petitclerc
3 aaron lewis
4 brandon smith
5 brian bosley
6 jarrod kadonaga
7 carlos franco
8 kyle colbert
9 raymond white
10 jim bishop

17.5 Sedan:
1 daniel borjon
2 jeremy lee
3 roy birchler
4 peter catelli
5 scot petitclerc
6 aaron lewis
7 brandon smith
8 brian bosley
9 jeff auxier
10 elliott miyashiro
11 carlos franco
12 mike abadilla
13 eric vasutin
14 aaron young
15 kyle Colbert
16 oliver clipper
17 clint yow
18 nick george
19 mark blanco

1 ryan george
2 brian white
3 jeff becker
4 daniel borjon
5 curtis bowers
6 lucas bowers
7 roy birchler
8 bruce lewis
9 jeff auxier
10 ken loudermilk
11 mike abadilla
12 aaron young
13 cheyenne loudermilk
14 kyle colbert
15 clinton riley
16 clint yow
17 dujuan moore
18 nick george
19 daniel souza
20 carlton (blaine) shirkey
21 jay duhon


1 ryan george
2 brian white
3 jeff becker
4 brian rush
5 curtis bowers
6 peter catelli
7 art white
8 elliott miyashiro
9 aaron young
10 clinton riley
11 daniel bernhardt
12 carlton (blaine) shirkey
13 bill secara
14 jay duhon

F1 25.5:
1 steven rivera
2 elliott miyashiro
3 daniel bernhardt
4 randy duncan
5 raymond white
6 robert white
7 cody secara

Euro Truck:
1 brian rush
2 bill secara
3 cody secara
4 jay duhon

1 ken loudermilk
2 eric vasutin
3 buddy elias

Ryan George
 Posted: Aug-22-2019 09:49AM
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Good morning Racers:
Well CenCal registration is well underway. Here is the list so far. Please double check that you are registered for the correct classes and if you have any changes that need to be made or you'd like to add another class please let me know.
This is also a great time to poke your race buddies and tell them that you've already signed up for one of the biggest races of the year and for them not to miss their chance.
It's gonna be a great event. We a working hard to get some amazing prizes in for the raffle and our shirt design, I'm told, is going to be the best one yet and at only $15. (I'm hoping to have a pic I can post for you guys soon)
Thats it for now. See you guys at the track.
Mod Sedan
1 Peter Catelli
2 Scot Petitclerc
3 Aaron Lewis
4 Brandon Smith
5 Brian Bosley
6 Jarrod Kadonaga
7 Carlos Franco
17.5 Sedan
1 Daniel Borjon
2 Jeremy Lee
3 Roy Birchler
4 Peter Catelli
5 Scot Petitclerc
6 Aaron Lewis
7 Brandon Smith
8 Brian Bosley
9 Jeff Auxier
10 Elliott Miyashiro
11 Carlos Franco
12 Mike Abadilla
13 Eric Vasutin
14 Aaron Young
15 Kyle Colbert
16 Oliver Clipper
1 Ryan George
2 Brian White
3 Jeff Becker
4 Daniel Borjon
5 Curtis Bowers
6 Lucas Bowers
7 Roy Birchler
8 Bruce Lewis
9 Jeff Auxier
10 Ken Loudermilk
11 Mike Abadilla
12 Aaron Young
13 Cheyenne Loudermilk
14 Kyle Colbert
15 Clinton Riley
16 Clint Yow
17 Dujuan Moore
1 Ryan George
2 Brian White
3 Jeff Becker
4 Brian Rush
5 Curtis Bowers
6 Peter Catelli
7 Art White
8 Elliott Miyashiro
9 Aaron Young
10 Clinton Riley
11 Daniel Bernhardt
F1 25.5
1 Steven Rivera
2 Elliott Miyashiro
3 Daniel Bernhardt
4 Randy Duncan
Euro Truck
1 Brian Rush
Nitro Sedan
1 Ken Loudermilk
2 Eric Vasutin

Ryan George
 Posted: Aug-19-2019 08:21AM
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
CenCal Challenge 4 registration is now OPEN!!! Please follow the link provided below to the RcCarEvents signup page. Signups for the Cencal Challenge are exclusively online and paypal is the method of payment. Discounts for multiple classes will be applied automatically at checkout.


It's going to be another fantastic race in the Central Valley and we hope you all can make it.

For those of you who don't know, Mr Notch Johnson himself will be on the mic calling the action all weekend for us this year. Notch is a fantastic race director and we are absolutely thrilled to have him onboard for this great event.

Reminder: We have a strict limit of 140 entries for this event so please don't wait. Registration closes on October 4th @ 11:55pm. Reserve your spot today for one of the best races of the year.

If there are any issues please let us know via email at and someone will get back to you.

That's it for now. See you at the track

Ryan George